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Xbox One Destiny Servers are Having Issues

It looks like the Destiny servers for Xbox One players are down. Bungie are currently looking into it and they will no doubt be brought back up as soon as possible.

The problem was soon noticed by fans who took to Reddit to complain to other players. Not long after, Bungie themselves informed their followers on Twitter that they were aware of the problem:

Even as we write this it does appear that users are slowly being able to get back on, but problems are still being experienced. Bungie are advising people to keep a check on the Xbox Live service page to see the status of the servers.

At the time of writing this, the message on the site was:

“Hey Xbox members, are you having issues with signing in to Xbox Live? We are aware of this and are working towards a resolution ASAP! Thank you for being patient in the meantime. We will provide you with an update when more information becomes available.”

So yes, this is most likely just a network issue that will slowly resolve itself. While this obviously annoys some fans, this will happen sometimes with a game like Destiny. Chances are that by the time we are finished writing this the services will be back up and waiting, then fans can get back to their games.

Did you have any problems with Destiny? Let us know your thoughts below.