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PES 2016 Roster Update Will Take Some More Time: Konami

Well, PES 2016 is regarded by Konami as the equally good competitor of FIFA 16, but as far as content updates are concerned, the game is already lacking.

While we are completely sure that FIFA 16 will launch with a fully updated roster on day one, Konami’s title is already out and it still has an outdated roster.

Fans have been criticizing Konami and developer PES Productions for the delay already, but according to the officials, there is still some time before you get a roster update. The official Facebook page of PES 2016 has acknowledged the problem and given a clarification on the matter.

Apparently, the developers are prioritizing other “online experience” related issues over roster updates which is why energies are being focused on the former.

Hi everyone, we┬┤re aware of fans asking about the roster update coming for PES2016. We are working very hard to implement them ASAP, however we are currently focusing on ensuring the best possible online experience. We will update you early next week on the roster updates as well as the upcoming new teams and stadium’s future availability. We would like to thank you all for your patience and support! We hope you enjoy PES2016 as much as we do! Love The Past, Play The Future!

It is disappointing specially because PES 2016 only just came out and we all know how the old saying goes: first impression is the last impression. Anyhow, here’s hoping their “as soon as possible” comes real soon.