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New Engineer’s Elite Specialisation Revealed for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thrones

ArenaNet have today revealed a new engineer elite specialisation for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thrones. Known as the Scrapper, he is a mechanical master he brings damage with his ingenious inventions and electrifying abilities.

The Scrapper comes with a few new skills:

  • Rocket Charge – “Dash forward with a rocket-charged hammer to damage enemies”
  • Shock Shield – “Magnetize your hammer, blocking attacks while striking foes in front of you”
  • Thunderclap – “Ionize an area, bringing down the power of lightning to stun and damage enemies over its duration”

Using advanced Tyrian technology the Scrapper uses the Function Gyro as a time-saver while on the battlefield. Changing your interaction prompt (used with the F key) it can be used to summon the multipurpose Gyro to rally a targeted ally who is down, or finish off foes in range. The purpose of the Gyro is to keep the battle going, and lock down foes on the battlefield.

Along with the power to heal and attack, there are also the Purge Gyro and Sneak Gyro. With Purge, this Gyro will follow you around providing support. The Sneak Gyro can provide a cloaking shield hiding you and your allies from your enemies.

The Scrapper also comes with the following Specialist Supremacy traits:

  • (Minor) Function Gyro – Gain access to the gyro to finish off foe or revive ally
  • (Minor) Decisive Renown – Reviving ally or finishing foe grants boon to nearby allies
  • (Minor) Impact Savant – Duration of outgoing stuns are increased and stuns applying to you are decreased
  • Shocking Speed – Leap or Blast finisher in a lightening field
  • Recovery Matrix – Healing skill with a reduction to damage
  • Stabilisation Core – Adds stability to Scrapper and his gyro
  • Rapid Regeneration – Rapid recovery of health
  • Mass Momentum – Gain power based on toughness
  • Expert Examination – Stunning or dazzling foe adds vulnerability and weakness to them
  • Adaptive Armour – Stacks toughness with struck
  • Final Salvo – Creates lightning field that grants super speed when destroyed
  • Perfectly Weighted – Hammer skill has increased damage

What are your thoughts on The Scrapper? Let us know below.