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Metal Gear Online Won’t Have Party Feature for PC, No Reason Given for Decision

It seems Konami is enjoying being in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, as they’ve revealed some rather controversial decisions for Metal Gear Online.

The game’s iteration for current-generation of consoles and the PC has some neat features, but one key element, as highlighted in Konami’s page for the game, is missing for the PC version.

If you join a party, you will be able to join the same match as the party members. You can access the Party Menu from the Freeplay environment.

*Party feature is available on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One platforms

Okay, this is totally weird. There seems to be no real reason for excluding such a useful and important feature from the PC, especially considering how easy it would be to incorporate it into the PC version of Metal Gear Online.

Almost every single multiplayer game nowadays has this feature, and it seems PC gamers are being given the hard treatment again. It’s bad enough that the game’s release for PC is three months after its availability on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but it seems even more mindboggling that with three additional months available, Konami would still not add this feature which is probably a day’s work for the developers at best.

We’re hoping that the public voice can force Konami to at least add this feature. Are we hopeful? Well, considering all the controversy Konami has been involved in for the past few months, it’s hard to be confident about them listening.