Fox Engine Overseer Julien Merceron May have left Konami

With Hideo Kojima leaving Konami, things were already looking worrying for the company. Now they may have lost another key player in the making of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

While still a rumour, IGN say they have managed to confirm it, stating that it looks like Julien Merceron may have also quit the company. The man who oversaw the development of the Fox Engine this is another hit for them, unless it is now unimportant to their future plans.

In the report from IGN they note that Merceron was unhappy with the direction that the company was taken. This appears to be a move towards mobile game development rather than the console market. As this is one of the more profitable sides of the business for them this is a believable situation, and obviously a worrying one for developers.

If the rumours are true and Julien Merceron are gone this will be another hit for the company. With a history with not only Konami but also Square Enix with IO Interactive, Eidos and Crystal Dynamics, becoming global technology director at Square Enix for some time he definitely has impressive credentials. The technical feat that is the Fox Engine also speaks for itself with the success that he and Kojima have brought.

What will this mean to Konami now? Probably not much in the scheme of things. If they are focusing on mobile gaming from now the need to improve the Fox Engine may not be there anymore. The fact that the Fox Engine is so cutting edge may mean they don’t see the need to upgrade the engine for quite some time.

Whatever the truth is, we can only speculate on the forward direction of Konami, and the people who appear to be leaving. While these are obviously signs of big changes in developing games a company like this is more than likely to be able to handle the situation in their own way.

What are your thoughts on the current situation with Konami? Are these losses going to hurt the company if they are true? Let us know below.