Dishonored 2 Welcomes you to Karnaca in New Video

In a video released today Bethesda are giving us a glimpse of Karnaca, the setting for Dishonored 2. With the company not wanting to reveal much, they tease just enough to catch our interest.

Talking about Karnaca, Arkane Studio’s Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith says that it is seen as the “jewel of the south.” A more sunny location, the city is the destination for the people of Dunwall to go for some relaxation. This is also where Corvo and Emily are hiding after they are forced to make a swift exit from their previous home.

In the video we see that the rats which were the main annoyance in the first game have been replaced with something a little more sinister. Blood flies will now be found in nests around dead bodies that can often be found on the streets. Smith says that an interesting aspect of these insects is that they tend to infest the corpses of victims that you have left lying around. If this occurs then this adds to the environmental dangers in the city as there are more likely to be swarms, which will attack on sight.

What this highlights is the new dynamic nature of Karnaca and its ability to adapt to your actions. Full of stories waiting for you to discover, the more chaos you cause, the more aggression you are likely to encounter.

In the Welcome to Karnaca video we don’t get that much of a look at the city in detail but we do get a feel of just how harsh the environment is. It may look pretty and have some lavish buildings but the regime in force appears to have a tight hold on the citizens of the city.

Are you looking forward to taking to the streets (and rooftops) or Karnaca? Let us know your thoughts below.