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Destiny: The Taken King Infusion Guide – Gear, Weapons, Armor

How to infuse gear in Destiny: The Taken King to boost attack rating, defense rating, and light-level of the gear.

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Destiny: The Taken King Infusion

Infusing gear in the game lets you increase attack rating, defense rating, and light-level of the gear of your choice.

For example, if you’ve a legendary heavy with an attack rating of 200 and you wish to boost it, you need to find another legendary heavy which has a higher attack rating, say 250.

After infusing both the legendary guns, your preferred gun will gain a boost in its attack rating, thus making it more effective.

How Infusion Works
Recent observations have proven that infusing provides about 80% of the difference between 2 pieces of equipment.

For instance, if you wish ‘A’ having 250 of any random stat with ‘B’ having 200, the result would be something near 240.

However, it also depends upon how close points are into each other. For instance, if you infuse a 240 with a 245, you’ll end up with a fully 245 piece of equipment.

Things to Consider
Now that you understand the basics of infusion in the game, there are a couple of things that you need to bear in mind:

The items that you wish to infuse must be legendary. One of the items being infused should have a higher armor or damage rating.

Only those items can be infused which belong to the same type i.e. specials, heavy, and primary. There is no need for the items to be of same type. For instance, you can infuse a scout-rifle with an auto-rifle and so on.

It hasn’t been confirmed as of this instant, but some perks also transfer during infusion and therefore it’s a good idea to consider infusing an auto-rifle with another auto-rifle.

Lastly, you can also infuse Ghosts, but there is no going back; once an item is infused, it’s infused permanently.

This is pretty much everything we’ve on infusion in Destiny: The Taken King. If there is something else you’d like to know, make sure to share it with us in the comments section below!