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Backwards Compatibility Shows That We Listen to Gamers: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda recently spoke about Backwards compatibility in an interview, and said that BC is proof that the company listens to gamers.

Everyone remembers what happened back when Xbox One was announced. The company and its product was highly criticised due to DRM, Kinect, restrictions on used games etc. Microsoft was forced to changed their policies with Xbox One and since then they have made all the right decisions.

This was primarily due to the fact that fans were outraged and wanted nothing to do with Xbox One (poor sales spoke the loudest), so I would say Microsoft was forced to listen to gamers, by the gamers.

I think you can see that we listen, and that it has a huge influence on the big features that we deliver. for example, our announcement at E3 that Xbox One would support backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games. I mean, that was the most highly requested fan feature and something that people were asking us about at the launch of Xbox One. I didn’t even think it would be possible that we could enable that technically, and yet it was such a fan-requested feature among our community that we went and dedicated a big part of the super-talented people we have working on the tech on just going and figuring that problem out.

Tsunoda also talked about “integrating fans’ voices into our products at a much earlier stage.” The Xbox division has changed a lot since 2013, we saw change in leadership, we saw change in policies, and we are now seeing a console that makes moves for the benefit of its fan-base.

We sure hope to see this continue.