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This MGS 5: The Phantom Pain Mod Unlocks DLC and All Hidden Items

Modding community is hard at work with Metal Gear Solid 5, and now someone has created a Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain mod that is going to make things easy for everyone who doesn’t want to spend.

A modder who goes by the user name PoisonedMods has created a mod that unlocks all the downloadable content that the game brings you as well as all the hidden items in the game.

Makes all things re-searchable Including the Key items such as raiden suit and the Ground Zero Exclusive items.

The name of this Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain mod is rather uncreative, simply titled “DLC and All Items Unlocker,” but apparently it gets the job done. You will have to download two files worth almost 100mb for this.

Now I am not saying that everyone will or should use this mod, but there are some hidden items that are really tough to find and some of the fans might approve of help on this. One example of such items would be Quiet’s naked gold and silver gold outfits.

You can get the mod right now if you want, however, let us know in comments if there is another The Phantom Pain mod that you would prefer over this one.