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Rockstar Developers React to The Gamechangers; It’s Not What You Expected

The clash between Jack Thompson and Rockstar Games was one that almost everyone got to hear of; it was so hyped that BBC 2 actually turned it into a TV show called The Gamechangers. We know all that already, but what’s new in all this is the reaction that almost every original GTA developer gave to the show.

If you were expecting it would be a realistic (and awesome) representation of the gaming industry, you were so wrong! A number of the developers are criticizing the show on their official Twitter accounts.

For instance, the first reaction of Mike Dailly, one of the creators of GTA, was “I’m gritting my teeth already.” Similarly, writer Brian Baglow (he also worked on the original GTA) added “I seriously doubt anyone from rockstar dressed up as East Fucking 17 to pop out & film in Compton.”

Baglow also criticized the makers of the show for the lack of mentions of the development team: “current mentions of development team: zero. Current mentions there IS a development team: zero. Going very well.”

Steve Hammond, one of the first employees at the studio wrote about the origination of The Gamechangers saying that “It’s apparently based on the book Jacked and the author never spoke to any of us either.”

However, the best of all was what came from the official Twitter profile of Rockstar Games itself.

So yeah, Rockstar and all the original GTA developers have a lot of things that they are not liking about The Gamechangers!