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Riot Games Cause League of Legends Team Owners Problems with Travel Policy

It looks like some drama is looming around the League of Legends World Championships. Depending on your point of view though, this may not be an issue at all.

Daily Dot are reporting that Riot Games travel policy is causing team owners some problems. The issue they are having is with Riot saying they will only pay for travel from the team’s home country. When many teams are said to be training in South Korea “boot camps”, their plan is to travel straight to the Championships that will be held in Europe.

What this will mean is that Riot won’t cover the cost of the teams travelling to get from South Korea to the championships, as this is not their home country. With the company refusing to change its policy, this means that the teams will have to cover their own costs. The question is, should this be even an issue?

As Reddit users are saying on the forum, “boot camping” is a luxury that teams do on their own volition with the full knowledge of Riot’s travelling expenses policy. Why should the company have to pay the extra expense that the teams are creating? I’m sure not all fans of League of Legends will agree with me, and I’d love to hear their perspective on the matter.

It is interesting to see one team owner quoted as saying this on the Daily Dot report:

“It’s not like they didn’t know the Western teams were going to go to South Korea ahead of worlds. It’s just another headache we didn’t want to have to deal with at this stage of the season.”

Whatever happens in this latest development, I’m sure by the time the World Championships start all of this will be forgotten. Whether Riot Games decide to back down or not shouldn’t really get in the way of the championships.