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Project Cars DLC Plans for the Rest of the Year Revealed

While for a lot of motor racing game fans may be focusing on Drive Club and Forza Motorsports 6, this doesn’t mean Project Cars is going to let itself be forgotten. Project Mad have revealed their plans for new DLC in the upcoming months.

With a planned three pieces of DLC coming to the game, the first should be available soon. This will come with a new Track Expansion as well as a “special fan-requested” Car Pack coming in October. Moving to November, a huge further Track Expansion is promised which developers promise will help the game “continue to remain current and reflective of player feedback”.

Obviously this is Project Car making sure to remind fans that it is still providing updates, and should not be forgotten in the rush to play the other popular car games. Especially with the release of Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One fans, many will now be putting their hours into that instead. On Playstation 4 the updates to Drive Club will also be competition too.

With the Christmas coming up and all the new games being released, Project Cars is one that will have to fight to keep the attention of the fans. With its inclusion into the eSport Scene, this will obviously go a long way to keeping the game popular, as will these new updates. The fact that Project Cars 2 will be coming sometime in the future should also help.

What are your thoughts on the new updates for Project Cars? Are you still playing it? Let us know below.