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Phil Spencer Comments on New Nintendo President

Social Media can be a way for us to get an insight into the games industry that we don’t normally get. Being able to ask the heads of the companies questions, and actually getting replies is an example of this.

With the appointing of Tatsumi Kimishima as the new president of Nintendo, one gamer decided to ask Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox what his thoughts were on the new president. Spencer replied with this:

In what is a diplomatic answer to an open-ended question about another company, he handles it well. While there is obviously a lot of competition between the game companies it is always best to keep professional. A man like Spencer will also know the history of a company like Nintendo as one of Xbox’s competition, and this is exactly the answer you would expect from him.

The electing of Tatsumi Kimishima came after the much-mourned death of Satoru Iwata, a much loved character who to many was one of the welcoming faces of Nintendo. The fact that Kimishima comes across a lot more business-like has worried many Nintendo fans. I’m sure that these worries will be unfounded.

As fans of Nintendo all we can do right now is what the direction Nintendo take, and hope that the strengths that Iwata built up are continued into the future.

What are your thoughts on Phil Spencer’s comment? Let us know below.