Get Forza 6 with $20 Promo Card for $60 at Newegg

Forza 6 released today for the North American region and undoubtedly it is going to be one of the best selling games in the coming days. Every AAA title costs you about $60, and conventionally that is what you would spend on a new Forza game.

However, Newegg is already letting you buy the game for an impressive discount – of sorts. Retailer based promotional gift cards are a norm you would already know about and for a regular online shopper, they are as good as a cash discount.

That being said, Forza 6 is being offered alongside a $20 promotional gift card for the same price of a full game i.e. $60.

If you are interested, you can pick up the game from the Newegg website here. When you open the link you will have to scroll down to the “Compare Offers from All Sellers” heading. In there you will find Newegg in the sellers list with the “Featured” tag beside it.

Choosing this will get you the offer in question.

We are not sure when this offer will expire, but it is expected to be a very limited time offer; so you should pick up Forza 6 from there as soon as possible.

The game hit the racks for US on September 15, 2015; it will be releasing in Japan on September 17, 2015 (tomorrow) and in European Union on September 18, 2015.