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Destiny: The Taken King Shield Brothers Strike Guide

How to complete Destiny: The Taken King ‘Shield Brothers’ strike and defeat the Twin Brothers boss battle.

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Destiny: The Taken King Shield Brothers

The game’s newest expansion has launched with 4 brand new strikes; each offering challenges, loot, and a boss battle in the end. This guide provides an overview of everything you need to know about ‘Shield Brothers’ strike.

Entering the Ship
Immediately after the strike begins, you’ll have the freedom either to engage Hive enemies and Cabals enemies fighting each other or run straight towards the Cabal Ship.

Even if you decide to engage the enemies, you’ll have no problems at all while doing so. Your call!

Inside the Ship
Once you’re inside the Cabal Ship, you need to head inside the Dantalion Exodus VI. Since this area uses dynamic enemy placement, there is no specific strategy that can be applied here.

You’ll find swords as your best companions in this area. Once you’ve dealt with all the enemies inside the ship, get across the gate before the fire goes up lest you wish to take high damage from the fire.

The Goliath Tank
In the next room, you’ll come across a Goliath Tank near the double-doors along with a small army of Phalanx defenders.

Since there is limited space available in the area, the idea is to fall back, find a suitable cover, and deal with the tank from a safe distance.

While you’re engaging the tank, make sure to keep an eye out on the Phalanx, Legionary, and Psion in the surrounding area. These minor enemies don’t offer much of a threat, but may cause distraction.

The Bridge – Darkness Zone
After dealing with the threat in the previous area, you need to head over towards the bridge where you’ll encounter Cabal and Taken.

Passing the area is relatively easy and you should waste no time in heading inside the next area; teeming with Cabal enemies.

These Cabal enemies will be equipped with shields and therefore able to withstand high damage. Moreover, I wouldn’t recommend using swords here and let the fire-arms-equipped Guardians thin enemy ranks before you move in.

Once you’ve dealt with the Cabal enemies, head towards the Narthex for the final boss battle.

Shield Brothers Boss Battle
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This is pretty much all we’ve on the Shield Brothers strike. If there is something else you’d like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!