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Destiny: The Taken King Hunter Subclass Nightstalker Quest Guide

Destiny: The Taken King Hunter subclass Nightstalker quest guide to help you unlock Nighstalker subclass in Taken King.

For the Hunter class, this one class is called Nightstalker. You can become a Nightstalker by partaking in a special quest. Once you complete this class-related quest, you’ll become a Nightstalker.

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How to Become a Nightstalker

In order to acquire the Nightstalker subclass, you’ll need to beat the Hunter subclass quest called Nightstalker’s Trail. You’ll need to complete the first quest of The Taken King DLC, called The Coming War to unlock this quest.

Once you have completed The Coming War, you must go to the Tower and chat with Cayde-6 in the Hall of Guardians. There, accept the Nightstalker’s Trail quest. From here, go to Orbit.

Plot a course for Venus, and then select this mission. After the cutscene, you should spawn into Campus 9. Move forward and you’ll come across the Endless Steps. You’ll be attacked by some Vex. Take care them and ascend the Endless Steps.

You’ll eventually come across the Respawning Restricted message. This is the time you need to turn around and kill more Vex. Once you’ve taken care of them, head up the steps till you see a gate.

There’s a Ghost nearby here, and deploying yours will finish the first part of the quest. Now you will be heading to another place in Venus.

Move forward and take out the enemies till you come across Tevis. A cutscene will trigger, after which you can try out the Nighstalker subclass. You can use the Nightstalker super-ability pressing L1 + R1 together (LT + RT for Xbox).

Head to the center part of the area and enemies will appear here. It’s time to put your new super ability to test against them. Take out all the enemies and you’ll eventually beat this quest. Doing so will send you back to Orbit.

From here, you should go and talk to Cayde-6 again to acquire the Nightstalker’s Cloak.