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Ubisoft Reveal For Honor Samurai Warrior Trailer

Ubisoft were part of Sony’s press conference at the Tokyo Games Show today. Revealing a new trailer for the new battle game For Honor, it featured a suitably Japanese warrior.

Focusing on the Samurai, we were introduced to The Oni. In the trailer we were shown the strengths, gear, and key abilities of the warrior who will be battling against Medieval Knights and Vikings.

Here are the details:


  • Skilled duellist
  • Quick and lethal
  • Inspires fear


  • Classic Japanese Katana
  • Wood and leather armour

Key Abilities:

  • Kunai (Japanese Dagger).
  • Poisoned Blade
  • Arrow Storm

In the trailer we see The Oni practicing his art before entering the battle. Although we don’t get to see any actual gameplay we do catch a glimpse of the “Arrow Storm” during battle. This will be an attack used to take down a group of opponents easily. One downfall of this may be the danger of friendly fire, as it is a ranged attack with widespread damage.

With the reveal of this fast and effective warrior, this may be a sign that we are going to be learning about the other factions soon too. The Paris Games Show may be the perfect time to reveal details about the Knight faction, unless they are released beforehand.

As we get to see more details about For Honor it will be interesting to see fan’s reaction to the game, and if it can create a little excitement for a new Ubisoft IP. Right now most of the focus still appears to be on the established franchises like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate which revealed its Jack the Ripper DLC today too.

What are your thoughts on For Honor? Were you impressed by Oni? Let us know below.