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Strong Evidence Suggests Pokemon Z is Coming Next Year

It is usually the convention with Pokemon games that two of them get released as a pair and then a third in the series gets released later. We are picking up serious evidence that the same will be followed in 2016 suggesting a Pokemon Z release.

Firstly, Japanese magazine CoroCoro had leaked images of new forms of already known Pokemon that are going to make their way to Pokemon XY & Z anime.

Moving on, a new trailer (see below) was released for the anime where the letter Z was clearly shown in connection with Pokemon XY. While it is being used for the anime, the styling of the letter Z is much similar to the styling used for the Pokemon XY games.

This has raised speculations that the same could be used on the cover of Pokemon Z the game – if and when it comes out.

Even more interestingly, new details regarding Zygarde the third legendary Pokemon in the 2013 title have surfaced. Five forms of him have been detailed namely Core, Cell, 10%, 50% and Perfect for a blob, a cell, a dog, a snake (already known), and a new Mega Evolution.

All these details for Zygrade and the new forms also suggest that we will be getting a game revolving around Zygrade and obviously, the name will be Pokemon Z.

An official announcement is expected for the game soon with a release in 2016.