PS4 Gets a Price Cut in Japan, Sony May Not Do the Same in the West

Sony has announced a price drop for PlayStation 4 in Japan. The company took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show and revealed the new price – 34,980 yen ($292) for the Japanese market.

This isn’t a surprise as PlayStation 4 isn’t selling as well as it should in its homeground. However, it is showing overwhelming performance in other regions.

The price drop may help the console do better and make itself an enticing option for JP gamers, who mostly lean toward mobile platforms.

Now that Sony has announced a price drop for the Japanese market, will it do the same in other regions? Don’t count on it. Sony’s platform is doing really good in North America, Europe and even in the Middle East.

There is no need for Sony to bring a price drop to a product that is already selling like hotcakes at its current price. My guess is that Sony won’t be announcing a price drop in other regions anytime soon.

In the U.S of A, PS4 500GB standard edition is sold at around $350 to $399 depending on promotions etc; similar is the case in Europe.

PS4 has found solid ground in these regions and now all Sony needs to do is keep delivering impressive content to its platform.