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Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima Was Not Iwata’s First Choice!

Some interesting new details have been revealed by the new Nintendo CEO, Tatsumi Kimishima in an interview he gave to Nikkei.

According to online translations (thanks Serkan Toto) that are available for the Nikkei interview, Kimishima was found stating that Iwata-san “didn’t give him instructions how to run the company.”

However, there is a bunch of other interesting tidbits that all of you Nintendo fans will be interested in. The most important of them being that the new Nintendo CEO was not actually the intended choice of Satoru Iwata for the top post at the company!

Kimishima is reported to have said that “Nintendo was first looking for somebody younger but didn’t have the personnel,” which is why he was chosen to lead.

Also, the new guy is there for just one year – so this is not the beginning of a new era for the company. He says that he has been elected for just one year and doesn’t know what will happen after that. The company might even get outsiders running for CEO.

As far as the tasks at hand for Tatsumi Kimishima are concerned. He insists that nothing will change with regards to the company’s IP and smartphone related programs though his job is now to develop new business.

Oh and one last interesting bit of news is that out new Nintendo CEO says he had predicted that the Wii U will fail when it was being launched because he believed the console was too similar to the original Wii.