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Nine Colorful PlayStation 4 Faceplates Revealed by Sony

A bunch of interesting announcements have come our way already from the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia press conference at the Tokyo Game Show 2015. And, if you thought your console looked dull with just the black (or white) body, things are about to get pretty colorful for you.

Sony has revealed nine official PlayStation 4 faceplates for you to choose from; and if you look at each one of them it is pretty much clear that their intention was to add color to your gaming life.

They have introduced them in a all sorts of bright colors like yellow and even pink.

According to the announcement, the PlayStation 4 faceplates are only going to be available through the PlayStation Store and will go on preorders right away today.

Pricing details were not shared during the announcement, however, it is only a matter of hours before you get to see them on the store and choose the ones you like the most.

There’s an overview for each of the PlayStation 4 faceplates in the featured image above; check it out and tell us of you like any of them.