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New Just Cause 3 Tokyo Games Show 2015 Trailer Revealed

After featuring in the Sony Press Conference at the Tokyo Games Show 2015, a new Just Cause 3 trailer has been released. For fans of destruction, it may just have you reaching for the pre-order button.

Watching the trailer and the level of destruction on show, it really feels what was set in motion in Just Cause 2 has finally reached fruition. To fans of Just Cause this is all exciting news.

Looking at the island playground featuring enemy bases, weapons, and new vehicles on show everything seems impressively destructive, especially when in the middle of explosions. Things to take particular notice of are the destructibility of buildings and how much fun it looks to be the cause of them.

With the pre-order incentives and season pass details revealed yesterday this trailer is perfectly timed to catch the interest of gamers. First the cost is revealed, then the explosive trailer entices the fan to give over the cash. I have to admit it makes it hard to not press that pre-order button. When the explosions look so pretty how can you resist?

Whether we pre-order or not, the more important thing is to watch the trailer and pull out the details of what we’ll be able to do in the game. With the new grappling hook features, there seems to be plenty of innovative ways to cause destruction, and plenty of new vehicles available to steal and use for destructive means.

Whether all these vehicles are available without the Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass though may be a different matter.

Did you enjoy the new trailer? Does it have you pressing that pre-order button? Let us know your thoughts below.