New Gameplay Footage Revealed for Dark Souls 3

It looks like Tokyo Games Show is providing fans with plenty of excitement. The latest is a group of videos featuring not only the trailers for Dark Souls 3 but also some gameplay footage.

Although the video which you see here aren’t good quality, they show what is important. Featuring similar gameplay on both videos there are differences so don’t assume that they are the same video embedded twice. What both show though are recognisable features from the Dark Souls franchise that will show that the third game is definitely on track.

When it comes to a game like Dark Souls 3 the combat is important and unlike some other videos that have leaked before it, what we see in the gameplay is a competent player that can show the game at its best. They may be outnumbered and killed at times, but this is to be expected with the game.

What is impressive about the footage is the fluidity of the gameplay and the level of detail that appears to be on show. While we can’t guarantee it will still look that good on release it still obviously show all the signs that the fan of Dark Souls want. As the videos are in Japanese though we can’t tell what is being said, or what the writing on the screens are, but if you’ve played Dark Souls before the interface is instantly recognisable.

If there is one thing we can be sure of though, by the time the game releases in March 2016 fans of the hardcore RPG will be in a frenzy to finally get their hands on it.

Are you impressed by what you see in the new footage? Let us know your thoughts below.