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Life is Strange Voice Actress Hannah Tell Praises the Game’s Themes

Life is Strange is a game that has had impressive emotional impact on players. In an interview with HardcoreGamer, Hannah Telle who voices the games main protagonist Max she praised the games handling of important themes.

In the interview, she states how impressed she is with Dontnod Entertainment’s handling of important issues:

“The more awareness of these issues that are raised, the less alone the victims feel,” she said. “Sometimes shifting your perspective from isolation can make all the difference. Not only does the game present real problems, but it also uses Max to manoeuvre the player through making decisions themselves on how they feel towards these topics.”

Specifically mentioning the way the gamer is made to experience the repercussions of their actions she continues:

“Then, the player gets to experience the actual repercussions of their opinions and actions. I really believe this game has the power to make a difference. Maybe it sounds naive, but if someone can physically see the outcomes of their choices negatively affecting the world of the game, then there is a chance that they will adjust their attitudes and decisions in real life to create a better, more positive result.”

As somebody who has played the game and is awaiting the final episode, I fully understand and agree with her comments on Life is Strange. In fact, the way the game highlights real dangers for teenagers is impressive. Also worthy of praise is the fact that while these issues are raised they don’t get in the way of the actual enjoyment of the game, as emotionally draining as it can be.

Once the story is complete I’m sure we’ll all remember it as the game similar to Twin Peaks, that while sometimes a little too self-aware, definitely delivers.

What are your thoughts on Life is Strange? Do you agree with Hanna Telle’s comments? Let us know below.