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First Person Shooter “Resident Evil Umbrella Corps” Announced

More news has come out of The Tokyo Game Show and this time from Capcom. The company has announced Resident Evil Umbrella Corps. The game is a first person shooter spin-off of the main series.

Players can expect to see Resident Evil Umbrella Corps sometime in 2016. From the looks of the trailer, Resident Evil is turned into a Call of Duty like shooter, where players will not only take on each other in online matches, but zombies will also join the action.

Of course, most of it is just my observation. Not too long ago, we found a trademark for something called Umbrella Corps, at the time we didn’t know what it is and many believed it was a sequel to Operation Racoon City.

While Umbrella Corps isn’t a sequel to Racoon City as many hoped, but it sure looks good.

Check back for more details on Resident Evil Umbrella Corps.