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Dragon Quest Builders Releases on January 28 in Japan

Dragon Quest Builders was originally announced back in July this year but at that time, Square Enix did not go into detail about the game’s release dates.

This has change with the Tokyo Game Show 2015 where the publisher has officially confirmed that the game will be released in the western markets on January 28, 2015. Yuji Horii, the game creator took to the stage during Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia’s press conference for the announcement.

For those of you who do not know, Dragon Quest Builders is actually a Minecraft like game set in the world of the original Dragon Quest game i.e. Alefgard. Where you are tasked to rebuilt a desolate world ruined and ruled by the monsters.

However, so far only a Japanese release has been announced for the game and a western release for the game looks a little less than probable at the moment.

While the idea of the game is interesting i.e. mixing up one of the most famous Japanese games with something as huge as Minecraft, I am not sure if it will attract non Dragon Quest fans.

That being said, we have no more information regarding Dragon Quest Builders at the moment but stay tuned because we will be reporting on it as soon as Square Enix lets out something else.