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Destiny The Taken King’s Installer is Bugged on Xbox, Here’s a Workaround

Destiny The Taken King is now available to download, but those trying to download The Taking King’s $60 and $80 editions from the Xbox Marketplace are having issues. Looks like the installer is bugged.

Users are locked out of the content and can’t access anything related to The Taken King. Players took to Bungie and Xbox support for an explanation and a fix, but no solution has been provided for the time being.

According to a user’s post on Bungie’s website:

Hey, I got my taken king digital copy yesterday after I bought it off line. It cost $80 but when I went to redeem it, the first download for all my class items and DLC comes up as error code 80070057. This won’t allow me to download any of them. Yet after I cancel out of that it lets me download the other expansion packs. Can someone please help me.

On the other hand, a user “Ccdd100,” has come up with a workaround that may help those facing this problem. He posted the workaround and it looks like it works for many.

Bungie and everyone, I have found the solution! When it gives you the error code a hidden menu appears. Click A, then down, and repeat. Do this 7 times and then check your active downloads. Worked like a charm!

Give this fix a try and let us know if it works for you or not. We’ll let you know as soon as an official fix is provided by Bungie.