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Destiny: The Taken King Strike Boss Guide – Fallen Saber, Shield Brothers, Echo Chamber, Sunless Cell

Destiny: The Taken King strike boss battle tips for Fallen Saber, Shield Brothers, Echo Chamber and Sunless Cell.

Completing strikes are sure as shooting way to power up your character in the game, but it’s not a walk in the park.

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Destiny: The Taken King Strike Boss Battle Tips

Each strike offers different challenges, but you’ll always find a boss at the end. In case you need a little extra hand in defeating this boss, refer to the write-up.

Fallen S.A.B.E.R Boss Guide
This boss fight isn’t at all a challenging fight as it puts players against an enlarged version of the game’s weakest enemy.

This is actually a fun boss fight which requires dealing constant damage to the boss. Watch out for the large pit in the central area of the arena and the electricity bolts surrounding the area.

Stick to dealing damage using anything and the boss will go down in an instant.

Shield Brothers Boss Guide
This boss fight pits players against a pair of Cabals who can be pretty annoying at times.

The Cabal equipped with a jet and only relies on melee attacks. He uses the propulsion to jump onto players and spam them with his fists.

The second one is equipped with an artillery cannon and rains down fire from afar while keeping himself protecting using a shield.

You need to deal with the melee-Cabal first who will escape the arena after some damage. Next up, focus your attention on the ranged Cabal who will also escape the area after sustaining some damage.

After a while, both Cabal enemies will return to the arena with complete HP. This time you’ll have to tackle both of them at the same time.

At this point, I recommend using any strategy that has worked for you this far, though, it’ll be helpful if you try and focus on the melee one first.

Echo Chamber Boss Guide
After the fight breaks out, you need to focus on Harpy’s reinforcements until a mission notification pops-up on your screen.

Once the notification pops-up, someone needs to grab hold the relic in the small altar area and deliver it to the said location – told by another notification.

After you’ve placed the relic in the designated position, you’ll be able to deliver some damage to Harpy by shooting at its face.

However, there are a couple of things that you need to bear in mind. First of all, the arena continues to shrink as the fight progresses. The idea at this point is to be mobile and protect your relic-carrier at all costs.

As long as you’re completing the objectives, you should be fine with the whole boss fight.

Sunless Cell Boss Guide
One of the few things that you need to bear in mind is that there is a little space to roam around and the Hive Knight won’t rest until he has you put to death.

The boss emerges and disappears randomly so it’s crucial that you keep an eye out on his name-tag in the dark area to have a better idea of his position. However, there will be some instances during which the boss will charge you with a powerful AoE attack which will knock back all nearby players.

The idea of defeating the boss is to stay mobile, back your entire team up, and have Hunter Nightstalkers using their vision to coordinate the position of the boss with their teammates.

This was a quick rundown of all strike bosses in Destiny: The Taken King. If there is something else you would like to know, let us know in the comments section below!