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Destiny: The Taken King Armsday Guide – Gunsmith Reputation, Banshee-44

Everything you need to understand about Armsday in Destiny: The Taken King, benefits of earning Gunsmith reputation, and visiting Banshee-44.

Armsday in the game starts every Wednesday and lets players complete the field-testing for Banshee-44 with new weapons coming in after every 7 days in addition to earning Gunsmith reputation.

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Destiny: The Taken King Armsday

In this guide, I’ve covered everything that you need to understand about the Armsday in the game:

Understanding Armsday in Destiny: The Taken King
Armsday in the game is the day when you can visit the Gunsmith, Banshee-44 in the Tower and field-test different weapons. It’s a sort of bounty, but with a slightly new flavor.

After visiting Banshee-44, you’ll be presented with a list of various weapons which you’ll be able to field-test in the game – as many as you wish!

After you’ve acquired a weapon, check the particular weapon in your inventory to see what must be done in order to complete the field-testing.

Field-testing usually includes killing certain type of enemies, participating in Crucible, getting ‘x’ number of precision kills, and things like that.

One important thing to bear in mind is that the entire process doesn’t use any space in your Quest Tab.

After you’ve completed the field-testing, you’ll have the freedom to use the particular weapon throughout the entire week or dismantle it instantly.

In addition to this, you’re automatically provided with the Gunsmith reputation at the end of the field-testing without turning anything in or returning the weapons.

Understanding Gunsmith Reputation
Needless to say, but the Gunsmith reputation is earned by completing field-testing in the game. Similar to other vendors, the reputation can be upgraded in order to acquire better rewards and more.

Since we don’t have much experience with Gunsmith Reputation, we cannot provide you with concrete information, but some speculations of ours.

While you don’t know how earning Gunsmith reputation will impact players, but we think that you’ll be able to purchase Legendary Weapons from the vendor after hitting a certain reputation rank.

At this point, you should definitely consider completing all of the field-testing each week and see how the whole thing plays out.

This is not all! You can complete the field-testing with one character or all 3 characters at the same time, but once again, we don’t know how the entire thing will play out.

Furthermore, if you’ve any information on how the entire thing plays out, make sure to let us know in the comments section below and we’ll update the guide with correct information.

Tip: A huge tip that I’ve for you guys is to ensure completing the Nightfall Strikes before field-testing a weapon for Banshee-44. Since Nightfall Strikes grant you boost reputation from all vendors including Gunsmith, this seems like a good idea.

This is everything we’ve on Destiny: The Taken King Armsday, Banshee-44, and Gunsmith reputation. If there is something else, you’d like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!