Clash of Clans September Update Brings New Tiebreaker System

If you are a fan of Clash of Clans, September’s update is bringing changes to the game. One of these is the new tiebreaker system which will bring an end to ties.

The way the new Tiebreaker System will work will be to calculate the total amount of have dealt and use that to decide who is the winner. This will lead players to changing the way they play the game, especially when ending attacks. While some may have stopped running an attack when it is obviously not going to score enough it may be worth letting it go longer and risk your heroes for the final win.

Whether this method of finding a winner is the best way will be up for debate. Just looking at one forum there are interesting views on how this should work. In the video above you can get a good feel for how the system will work. We’ll just have to see how fans accept the decisions. I’m sure if they feel cheated out of a win then they’ll be soon be vocal about it.

When looking at tiebreakers in games some may ask if draws are a bad thing? In a game like Clash of Clans sometimes it can be. To get the maximum reward from playing the idea is to have a winner takes all situation. To have the game simply a draw leaves things hanging. This is why the tiebreaker system should make things a little fairer; for the winner at least.

Are you a fan of Clash of Clans? What are your thoughts on the tiebreaker system? Let us know below.