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Steam Pre-Order Offers for Just Cause 3 Reveal Season Pass Details

For PC owners, opening Steam today will probably bring up the advertisement telling you to pre-order Just Cause 3 now. What you’ll also notice is the “XL Edition” promising the Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass, also known as the Season Pass.

That’s not all, if you do pre-order on Steam you’ll also get the Weaponised Vehicle Pack & Bonus Item which promises:

  • Knife through the Medician waves in the Mugello Delphino GLF speedboat with the finest brushed Italian leather seats and subtle dual miniguns.
  • Taking its name from the Russian wolverine, exude adventure with the all-terrain Urga Pocomaxa X4 buggy, especially when that adventure requires mounted machine guns.
  • For the more refined combat professional, drive the Kerner Serpente R12 sports car with precision rocket launchers elegantly engineered right into the hood.

It appears that Square Enix are moving towards the big push to make people spend as much money as they can, and as soon as possible.

With the Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass, what gives it away as a Season Pass are the details:

“The Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass includes 3 incredible DLC packs and exclusive Flame Wingsuit and Parachute Skins, which no fan will want to miss!

It’s never over for Rico Rodriguez; explore Medici with 3 new game-changing explosive experiences including new action-packed missions, new enemy types, weapons, gadgets and unique vehicles that transform the Just Cause 3 world.

The 3 add on packs will be released between January and July 2016 and unlock 7 days early for all pass holders. The skins will unlock day one.”

Based on the UK Steam, to pre-purchase the game with no incentives will cost £35.99, XL version £53.98, and an upgrade to XL £17.99. This is with a 10% discount which will end November 30, the day before release.

At a time when the pre-order culture is being questioned it will be interesting to see how many people will actually take these offers up, especially on the PC which has seen its fair share of release disasters.

Will you be pre-ordering Just Cause 3? Will you buy it in “XL” form? Let us know your thoughts below.