Playstation Reveal One of their Favourite Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Moments

Naughty Dog and Sony are building up the release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection by revealing their favourite moment. Today Playstation revealed a moment from Drake’s Fortune.

Giving their reason for this chosen moment Playstation said:

“The first moment that came to mind is this scene from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Drake is being held in an abandoned prison by the ruthless pirate, Eddy Raja, and his escape results in a white-knuckle truck chase. This scene really gets at the humor present in the series and the depths Elena and Drake will go through together. It was a memorable scene to create as it began our obsession with having a thrilling vehicle chase in subsequent Uncharted games.”

While the video brings nostalgia for fans of Uncharted it also reveals some of the more technical side of the game, both good and bad. Watching the video at 1080p, 60fps it flows well and looks good at speed. The problems for me come in the cut scenes when we get close up to the players.

In raising the resolution of the game it is easy to see lack of detail in Drake, Elena and the other characters. While the background scenery looks impressive the characters themselves do feel a little disappointing. I can’t help but compare it to the Last of Us upgrade for Playstation 4, and see the weakness. This may be unfair though, as we have to remember the age of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

While the games may be improved for the Playstation 4, Drake’s Fortune and the other games in the collection will show their age, especially in high definition. To remedy this would probably take a lot more work by Naughty Dog, and a lot more money. If anything we have to control our expectations of what the games will bring. Also, remember these impressions are only based on a video, not the final product.

Are you impressed with how Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection looks? Let us know your thoughts below.