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Rock Band 4 XB360 Instrument Converter is Coming to Australia, Rumors Saying Otherwise Aren’t True

Update 2: Rock Band 4 will get the Legacy Game Controller Adapter in Australia:

Harmonix and Mad Catz can confirm that the standalone game-only version of Rock Band 4 on Xbox One will indeed be available in Australia at launch. On Xbox One, the standalone disc based version of the game will automatically come supplied with the Legacy Game Controller Adapter, as the Adapter is needed in order for Xbox One users to make use of their pre-existing music game controllers. Following launch, Mad Catz and Harmonix intend to make the Adapter available for purchase separately for those who wish to purchase the digital version of the Xbox One game and already have access to previous generation hardware. Details of the availability of the Adapter by itself will be made forthcoming in the very near future. At time of writing this situation is the same for all territories and Harmonix and Mad Catz would like Australian fans to know that they will be receiving the same game and hardware bundles as the rest of the world.

Update: We have received a reply from Harmonix and according to the company, they plan on making the adapter available across the globe but will share more in the future.

We haven’t announced available or pricing for the adapter outside of the bundle for ANY territory. We will have more to share on that ahead of launch and we intend to make the adapter available to customers across the globe where Rock Band 4 is available.

On the other hand, EB Games is yet to clarify their statement regarding the adapter’s availability. We’ll let you know as soon as more updates arrive.

Original Story: The biggest plus for Rock Band 4 is cross-generation peripheral compatibility. Users will be able to use instruments from PlayStation 3 on PlayStation 4 and from Xbox 360 on Xbox One.

Using instruments from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 will just require you to plug in the dongle. Meanwhile, Xbox 360 users will need a special adapter for Xbox One.

Harmonix previously said that this adapter is going to be low-cost.

While cost isn’t a worry for most regions, the actual availability has become an issue for some. It looks like Australia won’t be getting adapters that’ll enable the use of instruments on Xbox One, according to EB Games.

EB Games said: “We won’t be getting a 360 instrument converter in Australia.”

If there are no converters, than be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on new instruments for Rock Band 4. It is unclear why this is the case but we have reached Harmonix and EB Games for an explanation.

Gaming products in AUS are already overpriced and Govt. is imposing GST on imports. Life is not treating AUS gamers well I have to say.

We’ll let you know as soon more is shared on the story, check back for updates.

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