New NBA 2K16 Trailer Shows us Spike Lee’s Vision “Livin’ Da Dream”

One of the most interesting aspects of NBA 2K16 has to be Spike Lee’s involvement in the game. Directing and writing the MyCareer mode, it could make for a very intriguing experience for the player.

Today we have a new teaser called “Livin’ Da Dream” which is also described as “A Spike Lee Joint.” This is our first introduction to the story featured in the campaign mode, and its main character. Called Frequency Vibrations it appears that his drama won’t be only on the basketball court but off it too.

As expected when a top Hollywood director takes the reigns of something like this, the trailer is very effective and will no doubt excite fans who are looking forward to the new game finally being released on September 29. As a fan of basketball, Lee obviously knows what the fans expect.

There looks to be plenty of tension between managers and agents during Frequency Vibrations career and that does raise some questions. With the career mode being called “MyCareer” with the teased storyline for the campaign, just how much control will you have over it?

While we don’t have the details about that, all we can do is what the trailer and know that something impressive does look to be forming, and the career mode is going to be done in a high profile fashion. Hopefully we get the game that we hope for, where the focus is still on the gameplay itself.

I really doubt that 2K Sports will mess this up or that Spike Lee would put his name to something that is a failure but as always, the people who will decide that will be the fans.

Are you excited to see NBA 2K16 and try the MyCareer mode? Let us know your thoughts below.