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Mass Effect Andromeda is the Largest Game in the Series

We know that Bioware is going the extra mile to make Mass Effect Andromeda click more than the previous games in the series, however, how much bigger are they making it?

There have been three installments in the series so far and in all honesty they weren’t small games; in case of Andromeda though, Bioware are boasting that the game will not only be the best but the largest that the franchise has seen to date!

To be exact, it is Alistair McNally, the head of art and design at the development studio behind Mass Effect Andromeda who revealed this in a tweet to his official Twitter.

Spent today reviewing creative progress on Mass Effect Andromeda. I believe it to be the best (and certainly largest) Mass Effect ever!

McNally’s claimed ended there which is why we don’t know what aspects of the game made that possible or whether he was simply talking about the size of the game’s world. Talking of, even if he was referring to the size it would have been better if we were given a comparative statement so that the fans could relate.

Any how, Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to release in the last quarter of 2016 so I guess there is time before we find that out first hand, so here’s hoping Bioware spits up sooner.