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Battle Diancie on Pokémon Shuffle on the 3DS to Celebrate 5 Million Downloads

Pokémon Shuffle, the free-to-play game on the Nintendo 3DS looks to have been a success. To celebrate over five million downloads, players will have the chance to battle against Diancie.

Last seen as a free download for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Diancie is part of the Kalo’s Legendary trio along with Hoopa and Volcanion. Now until September 28, the Pokémon will appear in Shuffle on Nintend’s popular handheld console.

Featuring in her own stage, players will have to download some extra data first. This should then lead to them finding the Diancie Commemorative Event available in the Special stages. This will be where they do battle against the rare Pokémon.

In this stage, players will have 20 turns in which to defeat Diancie, and upon first completion of the stage they’ll have the chance to capture the Pokémon. Don’t expect this to be an easy task though as she is a challenging opponent who won’t go without a fight. Particularly effective is her ability to freeze the center blocks on every turn as part of her disruption powers. Once you’ve managed to capture her, her powers include Barrier Bash+ and has an attack power of 70.

While available on the Nintendo 3DS until September 28, there is no sign that she will be available on the Pokémon Shuffle Mobile version. Nintendo may announce this, but for now it has to be assumed that this is for the main handheld console only.

Are you looking forward to defeating Diancie and capturing her? Let us know your thoughts below.