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You Can Now Get a Replacement for Xbox One Power Brick From Microsoft

Strangely, there was no way for fans to get a replacement for Xbox One power brick directly from Microsoft, using the support page. It was a weird business practice, one that MS needed to change.

Thankfully, they have changed it as according to an announcement by Major Nelson, users can now get a power brick from Microsoft for Xbox One.

After users complained about the problem on Reddit, Major Nelson shared a link to saying that the team has added the option for bricks.

Hey gang, I have an update on this. I have worked w/ the Support team and we’ve enabled the option to purchase additional Xbox One power supply units via
I have not had a chance to check it out myself yet – but the team just emailed me to let me know they have added that option to the online tool.

I actually didn’t know about this till now, and it’s really surprising that MS never offered an option to get a replacement for bricks. What’s even more surprising is that Xbox One is even using bricks, but at atleast now you can get a free replacement from MS if your product is still in warranty.