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Super Mario Maker On-Screen Cursors and Start-Up Screens Guide

Super Mario Maker on-screen cursors and start-up screens unlock guide.

Super Mario Maker is all about hardcore Mario fans and them realizing the courses of their dreams. The game allows players to choose and pick anything they want and build a unique course.

On-Screen Cursors
This whole procedure of picking and choosing is done by using an on-screen cursor. However, the best thing about these cursors is that you can change them at will.

There are a total of eleven cursors in the game to choose from. These cursors include various human hands of different complexions, Mario Gloves, cat paws, and so much more.

This guide basically provides an overview of all these 11 cursors in the game.

You can check out the video demonstration provided below which shows all the eleven cursors that you can acquire in Super Mario Maker:

Start-Up Screens
There are a total of seven start-up sequences in Super Mario Maker. These sequences play before the game’s Title Screen and change everyday throughout the entire week.

Some of these screens show an 8-bit Luigi throwing a gigantic Mario off the screen, a fly from Mario Paint’s Gnat Attack, and a couple of Gumbas carrying Mario away from the screen.

All in all this is pretty neat feature that most of long-term Super Mario fans will definitely enjoy.

The video attached above shows all the seven Start-up Sequences in the game; make sure to check them out and tell us which one is your favorite.

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