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Dark Souls 3 Release Date for Japan is March 24; PS4 Test Next Month!

Okay so this just rolled in; From Software, the developers of Dark Souls 3 have officially confirmed the game’s release date in the Japanese region and it is March 24, 2015!

However, so far they have only talked about the release in Japan and simply promised that more will be shared about the game’s release plans for the western markets as well as the PC version of the game.

That being said, Dark Souls 3 is also going to get a PlayStation 4 network test in Japan. According to the announced schedule, the test will be held between October 16 to 18 for three hours each day i.e. 20:00 to 23:00 local time.

Regarding the Japanese release, the developers have confirmed that fans will be able to get hold of a copy for 6,930 if they are buying a digital version and 7,430 if they are buying a physical retail copy.

An additional benefit that fans will be able to get out of some retail versions of the game is a soundtrack CD as well as an additional map of the in-game world.

In parallel news, From Software has discussed some of the features from the first two Souls games that are going t make their way into Dark Souls 3 as well – check it out here. Also, details on the new Game+ Mode, fast travel, and hidden walls were shared a couple of days ago, here they are.

Keep checking back for details on the western release.