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WWE 2K16 Rating Reveals Blood, Language, Alcohol, Suggestive Themes

WWE 2K16 is going to let you enjoy a few things that the real thing doesn’t allow anymore. In the real sport, blood has been banned for good and it appears WWE 2K16 is going to be the place that fans would use to satiate that need of theirs.

The game does have a lot of blood spilling since the description on ESRB reads “blood sometimes appears on wrestlers’ faces after being struck repeatedly by fists or objects; video sequences also depict blood on wrestlers’ faces.”

As far as the female superstars are concerned, the rating reveals a number of things that would fall under the “suggestive themes” aspect:

Female wrestlers are depicted with exaggerated-size breasts and/or in outfits that expose large amounts of cleavage; some female wrestlers also make provocative gestures/taunting moves (e.g., pelvic thrusts, bending over in front of the audience, shaking buttocks in an opponent’s face).

WWE 2K16 also has scenes depicting the superstars “drinking beers or spraying opponents with beer from a hose.” Other notable material includes use of the finger and words like “ass,” “bitch,” and “bastard.”

WWE 2K16 has been rating T for teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board which means that despite all these things, there is not going to be too much of sensitive content in the game when it releases on October 27, 2015.