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The Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC has been Given a Release Date

EA have revealed what we’ll be getting in the Robbery DLC for Battlefield Hardline. This includes a release date, which they’ve announced on Twitter and is only days away.

This means that on September 16, Premium members will be able to get their hands on the downloadable content that will include new maps, weapons, items, and a brand new game mode.

The theme for Robbery is the Big Score, with the criminals planning on how to steal it, and the police working to stop it. This will bring the Squad Heist to the game, which will be a multi-stage mode. This includes the criminals having to drill into vaults, grab the loot, and escape before the cops can stop them.

With this mode brings the new maps:

  • Precinct 7 – First snow map to feature in Battlefield Hardline, and set at night.
  • The Docks – Another night map, which offers a mix of outdoor spaces and interiors. Cranes offer good vantage points for snipers, and makeshift towers of cargo crates can offer places to hide. As expected though cargo crates can be toppled to reveal hiding spots.
  • Museum – 100% indoors map. Taking place in the Turing Natural History Museum you’ll be battleing through exhibits such as Egyptian relics and dinosaur exhibitions.
  • Break Pointe – Long highway stretches, described as a driver’s paradise. This is a daytime map with plenty of terrain to battle over. Taking place in scenic California there are plenty of rivers, gulleys and canyons for people who want to take their heist off-road.

The update will also include new weaponry, gadgets and vehicles to aid you in your heists. All will be styled to suite the theme of the DLC. Be sure to visit the Battlefield Hardline Site to see the full updates.

Are you looking forward to playing Battlefield Hardline Squad Heist Mode? Let us know your thoughts below.