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Super Mario Maker Guide – Tips to Create Best Levels

A beginner’s guide on Super Mario Maker to help you better understand the game along with general tips and strategy.

The game is now available on Nintendo Wii U and lets you build courses of your dreams. While anyone can build a course to some extent, building a realistic and enjoyable course surely requires some time and efforts.

Super Mario Maker Guide

This is where this guide comes in with all necessary tips and guidelines to help you build you the course of your dreams.

Knowledge of the Classics
It goes without saying that anyone who has played the classic Mario games will quickly adapt to the editor.

However, you should see the sample courses unlocked during the Ten Mario Challenge Mode. You can edit these courses and study each element carefully to see how each component is placed.

While this may not sound good on paper, this will surely help you better understand the positioning of different items and many other things.

This is not all! You can also customize these sample courses by changing the position of power-up items and enemies and see how it affects a particular course.

Don’t Start Off With Complex Things
Before you start building your course, always remember to stick to simpler things and don’t complicate things unless absolutely necessary.

Don’t start off by trying to fit in everything at your disposal and only use a couple of things at a time and repeat them.

Once again, I highly recommend viewing the Ten Mario Challenge Courses to better see what I’m talking about.

Experiment by Combining Things
You should always try and combine two objects – power-up items and enemies – to create something unique and hilarious at the same time.

Try placing different items on top of each other, but do note that not everything is going to be practical. The idea is to try combining different things and see what works best for you.

Only Create What You Can Complete
Although you can build anything you want; do note that you must complete your created course before uploading it for the world.

Some Flappy-Bird-inspired people might wish to create the hardest Mario level ever designed, but remember not everyone enjoys nerve-wrecking courses.

Therefore, if you feel that your course may be too tough for some people, try changing it for a wider audience.

Double-Checking Everything
Once you’re done with a course, you need to double-check everything to see if anything is out of place.

Play a course over and over again and pay special attention to power-up items placement, enemies location, obstacles, and traps. Ensure that all these are passable and then make any necessary changes required.

Use In-Game Guide
There is an in-game guide which is super helpful for beginners and is teeming with useful tips and strategies.

At anytime, you can press + button in the Create Mode to view help and see highly useful tips and techniques to help you create a memorable course.

Say Yes to Sub-Areas
You can add sub-areas in your course joined by pipes; provided that you have unlocked the items.

These things add verticality to your course and should be added to create a decent course. However, remember to place them cleverly and don’t just spam them here and there without any planning.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to stick to one theme and follow it all across the entire course which will help you create a coherent and complementing course.

Mario’s New Items
In Super Mario Maker, there are a number of new abilities at Mario’s disposal. While you are building a course, always make sure to consider these changes in mind.

It’s a good idea to consider changes made to jump distance, abilities to carry, controls, and more. These will help you alter your traps and obstacles and how Mario crosses them.

This is pretty much all we have on Super Mario Maker – Beginner’s Guide. If there is something else you would like to know; let us know in the comments section below!