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New Doom Video Looks at What Defines Multiplayer

Bethesda have released a new Doom video, and while the gameplay footage may not be new the commentary is. This time the video focuses on multiplayer and how this is defined in the new version of the game.

In the video we see some footage from the game, which we saw at E3. This time global content lead Gary Steinman, executive producer Marty Stratton, general manager Garrett Young, and art director Hugo Martin are talking about the game on a live stage.

Talking about the different modes in the game there is the team based Domination, Clan Arena which is well known from Quake Live, and Freeze Tag. They also comment on how players can become demons within the multiplayer game to do more damage to their opponents.

While the video is too short to get into too much detail, it is still interesting to hear about these modes and the other new features are coming to the game. We’ve not seen much more in terms of actual gameplay footage from the game, which is a shame. With Doom coming out next year though, obviously Bethesda will want to concentrate on Fallout 4 for now, and allow more development to continue to improve Doom before showing it off next year.

As well as seeing more about Doom closer to its release, we’ll also hopefully we’ll hear more about Doom SnapMap and how that will work. Allowing not only PC owners, but console owners also create multi-player maps and modes, then share them with their friends this has the potential to become a popular side of the game. With the rise of mods this will be the focus for many of the more creative fans out there.

Are you looking forward to Doom? What are your thoughts on the adaptability of the game with SnapMap? Let us know below.