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Need for Speed and the Customisation of the Car Visuals

The latest Need for Speed game is all about the look of the cars. From what we’ve seen the new game engine shows them at their best.

In the latest images released, showing off the cars, the focus is on customisations, and how the changes the make to the vehicles. This includes wheels, tires, brake discs, wing mirrors, exhausts, rims, bumpers, hoods, and license plates.

Along with the new images the Need for Speed site takes a look at what customisations will be available. Interestingly enough, though there is a focus on adapting the look of the car there are also changes that can be made to increase the performance. This even includes the ride height, suspension tuning and even what the hood is made out of. The overall aim is to allow you to make the car fit what you want it to do, and how you want it to look.

Along with the power to change items separately, body kits will also be available to implement pre-set modifications to the cars. Selecting these kits not only make sure that the cars look their best, but also make sure that each component that makes up the kit complement each other. If you are going to impress the Icons that feature in the game, you’ll need to make the cars look as impressive as possible.

The level of adaptability of the cars will obviously be important to the gamers, as will how the game handles. With the trailers already shown so far, the new FMV style and flawless interaction between gameplay and cut scenes, it hasn’t exactly created much confidence for the game.

Even with these concerns though, one thing we know is that Need For Speed’s graphics are definitely impressive. Now we just need to see gameplay that matches.

Are you looking forward to Need for Speed? Let us know your thoughts below.