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Latest WWE 2K16 Dev Video Hints at Royal Rumble 2001 in Stone Cold Showcase

The developers have been revealing short clips from WWE 2K16 and today they’ve gone back to the Attitude Era, or the period around it when Stone Cold Steve Austin was rising to fame. Featuring D’Lo and Billy Gunn, the latest video shows details that hint at what to expect in the Showcase mode.

In the video we see D’Lo Brown performing his Frog Splash, which fans will know was his finisher. What we can tell from his costume and avatar on the bottom of the screen is that this is the Nation of Domination version of the character.

While Billy Gunn isn’t instantly recognisable in his selected attire, this is his “The One” persona. This character came about because of a group known as Right to Censor defeated him in a match with a stipulation that he could no longer be the “Mr. Ass” character, as it was deemed unfit for television. The more important fact about this version of Billy Gunn though is his placement in the Stone Cold Steve Austin story.

With Billy Gunn featuring as “The One” this means that the Royal Rumble 2001 will more than likely play a part in the promised Showcase story mode featuring Steve Austin. In that Rumble, in the attire we see in the video, Gunn managed to stay in the match as one of the last competitors, though Austin would go on to win. With Gunn wearing this costume, this does hint at his involvement in the Showcase mode.

While these videos may be short they do show clues to what to expect in WWE 2K16, and while these details aren’t confirmed, at least we still get to see some gameplay. It would be nice to see them with polished presentation with a more descriptive narration, but even in this raw form we get to see how it will play when released.

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