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Kinect Will be Able to Make a 3D Model of You Under Microsoft’s New Patent

We know Kinect is pretty effective when it comes to facial recognition and related features, but what if I told you it could soon be used for tasks much more than what Xbox One makes it do so far? What if I told you Microsoft has registered a patent that will turn it into a physical 3D modelling device?

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Microsoft has been granted a new patent for a physical 3D renderer.

If the patent is actually materialized, Kinect will be able to create a complete physical 3D model of your face for you to keep as a souvenir – of course I am not saying you are getting the feature with your Xbox One, but that is a theoretical possibility.

The usage of Kinect in the whole rendering process is to scan the object that a replica is to be created for. Two of them will be used at the same time to scan detailed dimensions of the object (your face?) and send the data to another device that will then create the physical model using air blowers.

This other device will use different strengths of air streams that will carve the shape out of a malleable material (check the image below for a reference).

Kinect 3D Model Rendering Patent

It might just be a wishful thinking but in the future could this be used for a completely different mode of communication where the face of your friend forms in from of you physically?