GTA Online Has Changed the Flow of Development At Rockstar: Imran Sarwar

GTA Online has been a huge success as it is played by millions of fans around the world. It has not only changed the way we see GTA, but has also impacted the way Rockstar does things in its studio.

Rockstar keeps adding more and more stuff to do in GTA Online and players just can’t get enough of it. Developers are constantly working on GTA Online content, in addition to other projects.

Speaking about how GTA Online has changed the flow of development at Rockstar, Director of Design, Imran Sarwar said:

Grand Theft Auto Online changed the flow of development from what we were traditionally used to, which has been a learning experience for everyone.

He went on to say:

The shift to working on an evolving online game means there are fewer pauses in production – we are constantly producing content for GTA Online alongside everything else we are working on. We have been really excited by the idea of online multiplayer for a long time, and with the evolving nature of what GTA Online has become, we’ve been able to realize a lot of our ideas which has been a fantastic experience.

An online mode in GTA V means that fans would expect online components in GTA VI as well. This may put extra pressure on developers as they would have to out do themselves next time around, which won’t be easy.

However, if anyone can do it, it’s Rockstar.