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Australian Gamers Will Pay $127 for XCOM 2 on Steam

Well, we already knew that being a gamer in Australia is costly. Games and gaming products in general are overpriced and gamers prefer importing items rather than buying them from a local store.

Anyways, Australia has reached a new level of overpricing items today as a certain title will cost users $127 on Steam. The title in question is XCOM 2 that will release early next year.

For $127, players aren’t getting a special edition, nor a collector’s edition or any sort of bonus content. For $127, players will get the standard. Well, for $127.45 to be exact.

Pricing for gaming products have always been high in AUS but this is just mind blowing. We can hope things may get better in the future but sadly, Australian Govt. is not making life easy for gamers in anyway.

Just weeks ago it was revealed that Australia is ready to impose 10% tax on all imported gaming items. Federal treasurer Joe Hockey said the GST will apply from July 1,2017.

This will deliver competitive neutrality for Australian businesses, and ensure fair and equal treatment of goods and services. If goods and services would have the GST applied in Australia, then the same should apply for goods [bought and imported] from overseas.

You can read more about the GST, here.

Will you buy XCOM 2 for $127? Or any standard edition for that price? I would never.