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Xbox Live Indie Games Program Shutting Down: Microsoft

Microsoft has announced and sent out emails to developers regarding closure plans for Xbox Live Indie Games program. According to the company, it will axe this program in 2017.

The program gave fresh developers a chance to create games, as long as they owned a Window PC and an Xbox 360 console.

Microsoft wrote in a post today:

Today we communicated to developers that we’re beginning the sunsetting process for the XNA Creator’s Club and Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) on Xbox 360. We’re working to ensure the process is as smooth as possible and to minimize any impact for developers who are still working on XBLIG games for Xbox 360.

As of today, Microsoft is not taking new subscriptions for Xbox Live Indie Games Program. Also, those who are already members of the program won’t be able to renew their subscriptions.

However, members who are currently working on projects will get their subscriptions “topped-off” until September 9, 2016. No new games will be published after said date.

Current members will also get a lifetime Windows Developer Account, that normally goes for $99. When Microsoft announced ID@Xbox for Xbox One, many wondered when Xbox Live Indie Games Program will close shop. The reception of ID@Xbox has been amazing and it gives Microsoft more control over the content that gets published on its platform.

Xbox Live Indie Games Program gave us some great games and developers, so it is bittersweet to see it go; but great things are expected from ID@Xbox.