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Microsoft Reveal Details of the Xbox One November Update

Microsoft have been promising big updates to the Xbox One for quite a while now. Today they’ve revealed what the November update will be bringing to the system, and how it will work.

Proclaiming this to be one of  the most important moments for the Xbox One, here are the update details:

  • Backwards Compatibility – When the update comes into effect in November there will be over 100 Xbox 360 games compatible with the Xbox One. This will include Game DVR functionality, screenshots and streaming. Multiplayer will also be included.
  • New Guide – You’ll be able to access the Guide from Home by pressing left of double tapping the Xbox button.
  • Home – The main interface will be faster and easier to use. Providing access to the games and apps you recently used, you’ll be able to share your achievements easier as well as game clips with the Xbox Live community. It will also be easier to see what your friend are doing and visit Game Hubs to get the latest news and updates on your favourite titles.
  • Community – To make Xbox One more social this section will be more optimised to connect your games with the Xbox Live community. With action feeds and trending sections you’ll be able to see the most popular activities going on at that time.
  • Updated OneGuide – You’ll now be able to see the currently trending live TV shows, TV listings will come up instantly, and picture-in-picture mode allows you to browse other sections while not missing what you are watching.
  • Updated Store – The store will be further optimised so that you can find what you want quicker. There will be four areas to explore – Games, Movies & TV, Apps and Music. With categories such as Staff Picks, New Releases, Top Played, Coming Soon and Recommendations, things should be easier to find.

People on the Xbox One Preview Program will be able to experience this before the other users. Here is how Microsoft say it will work in next couple of weeks:

  • We will roll this update out over time to Preview members who opt in for it. We’ll start with a set of Preview members who have historically submitted the most feedback – it will not roll out to everyone at the same time. Our goal is to start with a group, get feedback, then roll out to larger groups for additional feedback over time.
  • If you’re a member of the Xbox One Preview Program, you will get an invitation sent to you in an Xbox Live message.
  • From the invitation launch the Xbox Preview Dashboard and select the registration option.
  • You can then opt-in by selecting “Preview – New Xbox One Experience”.
  • If you choose not to participate in this update (you just leave your registration as preview), you will continue to receive “regular” Preview Program updates going forward. This will not remove you from the Xbox Preview Program.
  • New builds will regularly roll out over a period of several weeks to those who opt in, and our engineering team will work to improve the features and fix any bugs they identify throughout the preview testing.

Are you looking forward to the November Xbox One update finally arriving? Let us know your thoughts below.